Forever Bouquet

the forever bouquet is an inexpensive and funky gift! if you don't have a bundle of money, but still want a thoughtful gesture, we suggest THE FOREVER BOUQUET - a kit which contains one dozen colorful paper flowers (ready to be cut), along with pre-cut wire and a pop-out vase. all you need to do is cut out your flowers of choice, tape wire onto the back for support/creating stem lengths, and pop out the vase. then, arrange your bouquet and present to the object of your affections for optimal enjoyment. you'll have "freshly cut" flowers that will never need sun or water! and in this economy, the thought REALLY DOES count!! lights up any room, the forever bouquet is great for a hospital room, office, home, (no pollen!). the booklet is 85% recycled post consumer and vase is made from recycled plastic.

DIMENSIONS: booklet is 6.5" x 10"
CONTENTS:12 different ready-to-be-cut flowers, 1 pop-out plastic vase and 12 pieces of pre-cut wire

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